Curse of Strahd

Darkness falls


The omnipresent danger we have been facing has at last proven to be too much for us. Pallas is dead. Viktor is dead. I tried to bring them back, Ansgar. But there was nothing left of Viktor to raise! His death drove Pallas mad, and at the end, she rushed headlong towards death, unconcerned about her life or ours; there was no stopping her. And after she’d fallen, when I tried to raise her, her spirit refused life; she preferred death. The Holy Scrip I’d used so effectively for protection was gone, wasted, and two of us, fully one third of our strength, were gone.

I convinced Durrum to accompany me back to Barovia village to bury Pallas’ body in the graveyard at Fr. Donavich’s church. It’s the least I could do to honor her memory. Zora split. We left Dahl by himself. I’m not sure why. No, it doesn’t make any sense. Fuck it. No one gives a shit anyway. In any case, I hope and pray that he is still alive when we return to wherever it is we left him.



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