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Welcome to The Curse of Strahd


Our tale begins with an eastward trek and the chance meeting of an unlikely ensemble of passengers. Each hurrying to their own destination, with their own reason. And each, unaware that something sinister awaits.

After weeks of travel, a troupe of soldiers followed by a mishap with their caravan’s mysterious but deadly cargo, our heroes much choose an alternate route. Steadfastly, they wander uncharted wilderness following a winding smuggler’s road which gradually descends to our first stop: Portend Hollow.

We welcome you to explore the adventures of:

Filibert Elmpath – Chosen Dawnbringer of Lathander

Pallas Xiloscient – Curious Collector of Rare Antiquities

Zora Kotora – Beautiful Diva of All That Is Divine


Dahl Peredur – Unflinching Paladin of Knowledge

Game Session Updates:

March 6th: The Burgomaster’s Plea
March 26th: Welcome to Barovia

Main Page

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