Holy Script of Lathander



Lathander’s Mercy

Using an action to read this scroll encloses Filibert in an invisible barrier that extends from him to form a 5-foot radius, 10-foot-high cylinder. For 5-minutes, this barrier prevents undead creatures, from entering or affecting anything within the cylinder. However, if Filibert moves in such a way that any undead creature would be inside the cylinder, the effect ends. _This includes any creature against which Filibert make a melee attack. Casting spells and ranged weapons okay.

A creature can attempt to overcome the barrier by using an action to make a DC 15 Charisma check. On a success, the creature ceases to be affected by the barrier. Besides what is noted here, this scroll seems to follow all other rules of a Scroll of Protection (DMG 199).

Filibert also knows that once only, he may stand above any player character who has been slain beyond even divine healing, and read the script one last time finishing this ritual by tearing the scroll half. The deceased player will be affected as if a raise dead spell (PHB 270) has been cast. After the first and only use of this power, n, it will crumble to dust and be no more.


Holy Script of Lathander

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