Xakih's Ogre Ball Dipping Sauce

Norman “Norm” the Innkeeper says:

Each winter, I send my pal ‘Friendly’ to collect ogre balls. I say : “Go fetch me some ogre balls, Friendly!” A few days later, the old lug returns with the biggest, best ogre balls you’ve ever see. I don’t know what he does with the rest of the ogre. Friendly doesn’t say much.*

Xakih’s Ogre Ball Dipping Sauce is the perfect condiment for maximum flavor ogre balls.
Dip ’em, marinade ’em, simmer, or lather a generous portion and serve ’em up.

Coming soon: Xakih’s Ogre Ball Tea Bags. Ya who would have known they’d be so popular?


Xakih's Ogre Ball Dipping Sauce

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