Entrepreneur, karaoke fanatic, and Lady's Man


This talkative goblin is refugee from a distant mining town because “It’s not so safe for goblins and such around that town any more!” he states.:

“So, my cousin Droop finds himself working for some Drow, right. And they’re living in this basement of this crumbled old house or something. So… yadda yadda – one night we sneak in and slits this Drow’s throat and steal his loot. Sheriff says it’s just a dirty Drow so no big deal.

“My cousin had an accident a couple nights later, and I ended up with all that gold for myself. There was a lot of finger pointing, and that town’s got too many respectable folks for my taste, so here I am living the high life in Portend Hollow. Whoda thunk, right?”_

“Anyhow, I took my gold invested in the stables here with my old pal Bront. Got in at a a steal! So now, me and my handsome pal Bront here got a solid game going with this business. He does most the heavy work. But me… I’m the brains! It’s an honest living. But I don’t mind. And I have a great place to eat and drink my troubles away!”


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