Norman "Norm" the Innkeeper

The Innkeeper of the Augur's Promise Inn


A tall, gaunt fellow – a human – with slow speech, thinning hair, and pointy nose. The man is hard to read and seems to stare right through you, or past you, rather than at you. Even when he’s looking you in the eyes.


Owner of The Augur’s Promise Inn

Cassyt’s dad and Ash’s dad
Father of Cassyt and Ash who are often seen helping in the Inn.

Skilled Taxidermist
Norman is always willing to talk about the art of taxidermy as well as the dozens of stuffed creatures that cover the walls, wherever there isn’t a painting of an act of either killing or gutting different sorts of common animals, and a few of creatures that can’t quite be distinguished from the seemingly intentional blur in the paint technique surrounding them.

Norman "Norm" the Innkeeper

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