Barkeep, handyman, and bouncer



The creature who stands behind the bar of the The Augur’s Promise Inn is one of the strangest sights you’ve ever beheld. A humongous man? No. You’re not quite. His powerful presence of size and obvious strength would be intimidating enough. But the stitches that seem to attach his scalp and the pieces of metal which seem to hold his jaw and parts of his bone in place cause an unpleasant feeling as you look upon him.

Norman “Norm” the Innkeeper though, seems at ease as he works around this beast of a (man?) He calls him Friendly, and delegates to his gentle friend simple tasks which Friendly obeys. Mostly Friendly stands with an empty stare and silent, washing dirty glasses or occasionally stepping out the back entrance only to return a few moments later with a bundle of wood to feed the blazing fire.


Friendly was once a fierce warrior who almost died in battle after years of service in a mercenary company. Left for dead by his companions, Norman the proprietor of the The Augur’s Promise Inn found him and brought him back to his establishment located in Portend Hollow. There Norman sewed him together with his taxidermy skills.

Friendly works at the inn with Norman and will defend him, and Norm’s daughters Ash and Cassyt to the death – and he has!

Norm says: “Who needs a guard, when I’ve got Friendly?”


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