Demoted Devotee of Kelemvor


“My name is Cassyt (Ka-seet) My father may own this dive… I’m not just some barmaid – I am an acolyte of Kelemvor. _”

“Was!” corrects the old woman.

“Okay we’ll I was…_ until doomguide Goblin Brains

“Hey!” interrupted one of the goblins.

“No offense Stiffy! – I mean Glandon decided I needed a sabbatical. A long sabbatical.”

“I living in Phlan, working under Doomguide Yovir Glandon at the Kelemvore Graveyard. I mostly just studied books instead of patroling the graveyard’s catacombs like I’m supposed to.

A while back, I was sent me along with some adventurers that were instructed by doomguide Glandon to investigate the Graveyard, where were signaled undead activities and disappearance of some Kelemvorite – including this other cleric who got eaten to bits. Anyways, these adventurers stole all sorts of things around the tomb, and let robbers go free, and even though they killed the monsters – they caused a big mess. and that’s when they sent me away for not doing a good job. It’s really stupid, right? Did I hire these adventurers? NO! I didn’t even want to go down in the tombs. But then I get all the blame!

Then, during the Cult of the Dragon coup in the city, I helped the resistance forces! I even guided folks through the sewers in order to get Lord Regent Ector Brahms safely out of the city! Not bad huh?

But I’m taking a break things things calm down, do I came back home for a rest. All this hero stuff is exhausting."


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