Curse of Strahd

Zora's thoughts, stardate 2423.5

This village have church to match their inn and store. Is worst church I ever see! This priest must worship God of trash! And he has sick son locked in basement? One more funeral already…

Who is this strange dwarf wandering in from the mists? He outsider, like us. His story eerily similar to our own. It seems caravans not safe anymore like in old days. I like him; I think he probably has many good stories. I hope he come with us.
Ismark is anxious to get his sister far from Barovia. I am happy to help; happy to leave this village.

On our way, we stop at Vistani camp. Is bittersweet time. I enjoy their music and dancing, but it reminds me of my family, who are all gone. We are invited to meet Madam Eva; she do reading for us. These cards of hers are unlike anything I ever see before. Her words are equally strange…My own deck has not these cards. It seems my vision does yet not become clear…

Filibert enjoys Vistani hospitality, perhaps too much! He is totally drunk! We help him into wagon. He can sleep rest of way.
Weather still gloomy, but journey is pleasant…until we are attacked by…walking scarecrows?! This place not right!

Thankfully, scarecrows not last long. Rest of journey is quiet.

At last, we are in Valaki! After returning wagon, we head to Vistani camp to try to find Ash, or at least find out where Aregal went. And here he is, finally! He not answer questions and Pallas getting more and more angry…Now Dahl hit him! Is just as well, we get nowhere talking! Aregal really tough, I keep thinking he go down, but he stay on his feet! Is lucky for us others not join in. At least we have Filibert and Durum in case things get ugly. Wait…where they go? Weren’t they with us?

Aregal is finally beaten. Who he summon? It’s Ash!



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