Curse of Strahd

Sermon for the funeral service in Portend Hallow

We gather this dawn to bid farewell to Keil Stoneson, Maighread Burke, Tol Jansen, and Shim Fisher. These guards that sought to ensure our safety as we traveled will be greatly missed by their families. Indeed, we who journey on shall miss them as well. Their presence was most reassuring. I recall speaking with guard Jansen a few nights after we’d left Waterdeep. He told me stories of his children, his brothers, his wife. The pain they will feel will not soon be salved.

We remember Doomguide Golar Pace, priest of the great god Kelemvor here in this community. The Morninglord and the Lord of Death agree on much, and so, in a way, though I’d never met him, I feel the loss of Doomguide Pace keenly. But it is the people of Portend Hallow that will truly feel his absence.

But this we know, Lathander’s Grace starts every new day. Death is not a sorrow for the dead, for they are going to their reward. Their burdens are at an end. Now, at last, they may rest.
Starting today, cast aside your sorrows and know in your heart that better days are ahead. Keep faith in the gods. Accept the protection of Helm; the healing of Ilmater; and justice of Tyr; and finally, the hope and inspiration of Lathander. Spring is here, and it’s time for renewal. For a new day. For a blessed sowing of new seeds and a prosperous rebirth for this humble town. That is true hope. That’s the Hope of Dawn. Even when things seem their darkest, His Light shines through. Let us join hands together and show the lands that the Dawn will always rise.

We pray with our hearts and souls to the Lord of the Morning.
Oh glorious god! giver of life, remover of all pain and sorrows, bestower of happiness, creator of new life, thou art most luminous and exalted. We meditate upon thee. May thou inspire, enlighten, and guide our hearts in the right direction.

May we all walk in His Light.


Zora to the rest of the party: Are they going to be serving food and drink later?


Nice eulogy! We’ll start off on the 26th a little after the Vastani messenger left your letter. I look forward to the ceremony,


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