Curse of Strahd

Pallas's Change in Tactics

Since being forced to travel to Barovia to chase down Ash and her kidnapper, Pallas has been forced to rethink her tactics going forward. Everything she has learned about Barovia so far has led her to believe that magic should probably not be the first weapon she constantly reaches for in her arsenal. So often magic tends to be bright or flashy or loud, all of which are things that will easily make one stand out in this quiet, gray place full of things she does not yet understand. This is a place that calls for more subtlety. They’ve already attracted a great deal of attention simply by being outsiders, they don’t need to attract any more unnecessarily.

This does not mean that she’s entirely forsaking her magic, and she’s definitely not opposed to using it to protect herself and others or to get things done when they need doing. However, she feels that this is a place to use some of the more subtle skills she’s learned over the centuries, especially sneaking into tombs and ruins. This place reminds her of some of the more dismal places she’s acquired artifacts from. She’s a bit rusty at sneaking and picking locks, but it’s like riding a horse, you never entirely forget how to do it.



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