Curse of Strahd

Madness takes its toll.....

I grow increasingly worried about my companions. Pallas was very cavalier with her use of fire on a local shop in Vallaki. She burned a business to the ground to kill a couple of vampire spawn. That I was nearly killed in the process seemed, at best, to be of little concern, and at worst, a deliberate act on her part. Fortunately, the worst that happened (to us) was that we were thrown out of town. Arson often produces that effect.
Durum retreats to drink with alarming frequency. And now Zora has become unhinged, fixating on a wedding dress belonging to the wife of the burgomeister of the town. She was quite ready to engage in combat with the woman over the garment. Would she have killed to steal this dress? Would she have died for it?!? I suspect that she harbors a deep desire to be wedded and the sight of the gown robbed her of her good sense. I hope it was but a temporary madness. I thank the Morninglord daily for Dahl’s presence. He, at least, is still sane.

We have recovered a most wondrous item, the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind. As seems more and more likely, we are heading towards a confrontation with Strahd von Zarovich. This holy artifact should serve to increase our chances of prevailing in that forthcoming fight.



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