Curse of Strahd

Filibert reacts to the past several days

Undead means delayed travel to Phlan

Auril’s kiss! We have found ourselves in quite a mess of a situation. A young girl from Portend’s Hollow has been kidnapped by that strange man who’d delivered the Burgomeister’s plea the other night. It seems that this man was determined to find a way to bring us to the town of Barovia one way or another.

Even worse, I and my traveling companions have now encountered undead on two occasions! First in Portend’s Hollow, and then last night, in Barovia. Beshaba’s Bad Breath! The local priest of Lathander, Fr. Danovich, has even spoken of vampyres. He claims his son has been bitten and suffers from the vampyre’s curse. The son has been locked in the basement of the church for a year now without feeding. The poor man. He is truly caught between the Dragon and the Desert. While I sympathize with Fr. Danovich, I do not believe this evil can be allowed to continue to exist. I fear that I may have to do what this priest cannot.

By the Light of Lathander, I will do what must be done. Morninglord, give me the strength.



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